Sub-Cooled LLC is committed to provide quality work solutions for business's who strive to deliver a great customer experience. Our technicians are factory trained, and hold certifications for industry leading manufacturers. Our commercial service team specializes in hot, cold, and frozen beverage services.

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Sub-Cooled LLC offers quality beverage equipment sales, installation, and repair throughout Northwest Indiana. Our customers range from Ma and Pa C-Stores to National Beverage Service Providers. We offer business financing for commercial beverage dispensing equipment, and coffee brewers. If you are tired of renting your equipment, and would like to keep more money from your sales, we have different options for you.


Maintenance Programs

When a Soda Fountain Machine is Cleaned Dispensing valves are clear of solids & debris:

-Beverage pumps run freely.

-A clean flowing system stays in calibration.

-Nothing left in system to compromise flavor profile.

Reduce Soda Fountain service calls and deliver a perfect drink every drink!

Bag-n-Box Tea Dispensers – Remove tea solids, rid bacteria remove juice solids, and sugar crystallization!

Remove solids and sugars from Wine Dispensers!

 remove syrup/sugar solids from Frozen Carbonated Dispensers.

Ice Machine Maintenance & Repair

We completely understand that you have a lot on your plate as a business owner, and that your staff is equally busy each and every night. However, there are certain routine services which must be completed if you want to keep everything running smoothly in your food service operation. One of these tasks is to ensure that your ice machine is properly maintained. The problem is that there are so many other issues to deal with, that you may not remember until it is too late and something goes wrong with your system.



  • Sanitary ice production
  • Health code compliance
  • Promotes ice machine functionality
  • Increases ice yield
  • Extends life and increases performance
  • Keeps producers safe from fines and health related incidents/lawsuits
  • Promotes the health of the general public

Coffee & Hot Beverage Services

Coffee Diner

Your customers expect consistent coffee. We know how expensive it can be when your equipment isn't meeting your needs and you aren't fulfilling customer requests. But that's why we're here. Call on us for all of your coffee equipment repair, installation and preventative maintenance. Sub-Cooled LLC services many manufacturers including Bunn, Fetco, Curtis, and more!

We would love to earn your business!

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