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Customers are calling us non stop saying “We heard Day & Night is the same as Carrier and more affordable, is that true?” and the answer is, Yes! The parent company United Technologies, produces the same equipment under the “Day & Night” brand, and others as well.

Most clients are finding this information out after searching Google “What is the best furnace brand?”, and the highest ranked listing will take you to a blog, here.

The Day & Night brand is the HVAC industries best kept secret! We brought it on as an economy line for customers that didn’t have the budget for our Trane products, including rental and investment properties or house remodel projects. Our company is offering this as our “Signature Series” and we private label the equipment.

Why is it more affordable than Carrier if it’s the same product?

Most customers only inquire about Day & Night if they have done the research. There are millions of dollars in marketing and advertising that go into the “Carrier” brand. If you purchase one of their products, there is a cost associated with that name and your paying for it!

Depending on what part of the country your in, there is Heil, Arcoaire, Tempstar, Comfort Maker, Day & Night, ect. All these brands are actually the same piece of equipment and when we register the warranty we have to select which brand is installed.

Now lets talk about how it becomes more affordable. All the brands we just mentioned above you have probably never heard of, am I correct? That’s because there isn’t and army of marketers with advertising put behind them. Dealers are responsible for self marketing the product with a percentage of co-op reimbursed by the distributor. When we signed on to become a Day & Night dealer our agreement was we would private label it as our “Signature Series”.

What are the benefits of purchasing Day and Night over other brands?

We will go over the main concerns when purchasing a HVAC Equipment for your home or business.

Is it going to solve your problems?

Your installing contractor should go over any comfort concerns you may have in your home such as odors, allergens, dryness, and hot or cold spots in your home. Day & Night has many options to help address these issues such as air purifiers, humidifiers, zoning, and variable speed furnaces or air conditioners.

Are you looking for energy efficiency?

Stated before the Day and Night Constant Comfort series will achieve the same efficiencies as Infinite/Evolution systems. Including 98% efficient communicating furnaces and 19 SEER inverter A/C systems.

What about the warranty?

Day & Night has the same industry standard warranty as all other manufactures. They offer lifetime warranty for higher end furnace heat exchangers and the same 10 year parts & compressor warranty as their sister brands. But, they also offer a No-hassle replacement warranty if any major part fails within a certain time period for select models. For example, the CVA9 19 SEER Condenser has a 10 year No-hassle replacement warranty.

How about installation and repair cost?

We are going to be really transparent about this. On a complete heating and cooling system our Day & Night quote is usually $1,000 – $2,000 cheaper than our “Go To” brand which is Trane heating and cooling products. If you have ever had to repair Carrier/Bryant equipment, you will be glad to hear that parts are about 15-20% cheaper for Day & Night and as we stated before 75% of the parts are interchangeable.

Thank you for reading our blog post! If you have any questions regarding Day & Night please feel free to reach out to us!

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