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What is most important to you when choosing a HVAC company to do business with?

Understanding the answer to this question is important for both you and the comfort specialist. Maybe your concern is price? The biggest investment most homeowner’s make into their homes is often the heating and cooling system. Let’s face it, we all want the premium product for the lowest cost imaginable. The problem you run into with skilled trades is that contractors cut corners to make it work. Whether that’s installing cheaper products and materials, using unskilled labor, or performing the “quick job” upon installation.

A quality HVAC Contractor will be able to identify any current issues, address your concerns, and offer you equipment that will solve your problems while meeting your budget.

A study by Texas A&M University revealed that 90% of HVAC systems are installed incorrectly. Here are some factors that study found to be energy wasting, comfort robbing problems:

Duct Leakage (93%)

Poor indoor air quality

Health and safety concerns

Drafts and uneven temperatures

May double HVAC portion of utility bill

Oversizing (47%)

Doesn’t run enough to remove moisture

Air in sunlit or shaded rooms does not mix

Equipment is typically noisier

Shorter equipment lifespan

Incorrect Refrigerant Charge (75%)

Increased failure rate

Reduced moisture removal

Equipment is typically noisier

Uneven Temperature

Could add as much as 17% to operating costs

Incorrect Air Flow (70%)

Uneven Temperature

Poor Moisture Control

Noisy Grilles and Registers

Could add as much as 10% of operating costs.

With Sub-Cooled LLC, you will be in the top 10%

Why a Custom Design?

Problems are not solved by equipment alone. A quality Heating and Cooling contractor will help you identify issues in your home, existing equipment, and discomfort your family may be experiencing.

A good comfort specialist will not size your equipment solely on square footage of your house or assume your existing system is properly sized. It is the contractors responsibility to perform this calculation for your home.

An over-sized system will have higher installation costs, more breakdowns, large temperature swings, and improper humidity control. An undersized system will constantly run, have higher energy costs, shorter life, and reduced comfort.

What are your Comfort Concerns?

Are there areas that have hot or cold spots?

  • Some of the factors that cause this range from over/under sized equipment, design and layout of the home, drafty windows, or poor insulation. Variable speed technology will allow your system to operate at different stages. This reduces these issues by running for longer periods of time, circulating and conditioning more air.

Does your home get too muggy or dry certain types of the year?

  • Most homeowners know when it’s to dry in the house. Symptoms range from dry skin, dandruff, bloody noses, increased static electricity, dry or sore throats. Humidifiers are a great way to solve all these issues and can improve indoor air quality and the efficiency of the heating system. A lot of times on a sales appointment I ask “Where do you set your thermostat in the summer time?”. If we hear the answer “Low 70’s or 68”, we can guess that your air conditioner is over sized and you keep it at a lower setting to try and remove more humidity to get comfortable.

Does anyone in your family suffer from asthma or airborne allergens?

  • When updating your HVAC system it is a great time to add in air purification accessories. There are devices that range from UV lighting, Plasma Generators, Electronic Air Cleaners, Ozone Generators, and Air filtration systems. Some of these devices such as the Trane Clean Effects Air Purifier are modified into the duct work and wired into the furnace.

Is your existing system easy to control / program? 

  • Many homeowners we come across do not like their current thermostat. We hear things like “We always have to adjust it” or ” It never shuts off”. Sometimes older programmable thermostats can be hard to work and program. New smart WiFi thermostats have the ability to learn your schedule and can be controlled from most smart devices. If your system has a failure while your away, the device can notify you remotely via the app allowing you to proactively handle the situation and call a service provider.

Is the existing indoor or outdoor system noisy?

  • One of the most common complaints we hear is “The Air Conditioner is so loud at night it is hard to sleep”. We get that! Unfortunately sometimes the only location for an outdoor unit is close to a bedroom window and over the lifetime of the unit it gets louder. Trane air conditioners are exceptionally quiet. They achieved this by adding a fan blade and lowering the rpm’s of the fan motor reduced the sound of the outdoor unit.

What repairs have been done on the system?

  • Knowing the repair history of the existing equipment may help us identify problems in your existing system. Having the same repairs made multiple times may be cause by a bigger issue. Having these issues addressed will increase the reliability of your new system.

Are you concerned about future energy costs?

  • As the price of energy goes up, so will the operating costs of your heating and cooling system. If you feel your utility bills are out of line you may want to consider investing into a higher efficiency system. Below is a graph with the annual savings based off a 13 SEER system.


Our Goal..

Installing a system for you that not only will heat and cool your home, but solve your problems and give you the comfort you expect from a quality heating and air conditioning system. We care about your home, your needs, and your budget. Our no hassle sales process and transparent pricing make it easy to select the comfort system that is right for you.

If you are interested in scheduling a free estimate, please give us a call or fill out the form below and a representative will contact you during normal business hours. Thanks!