Feb 28, 2019

Common Questions About Your Water Heater

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Common Hot Water Heater Questions….

How “hot” should we have our water heater set?

Most manufacturers recommended setting is 140 degrees. But, the Department of Energy recommends 120 degrees. to reduce energy consumption and risk of scolding. We recommend using a temperature based on your application. If your at home with kids you may want to set it down. If doing a lot of cleaning and sanitizing we would recommend 140 degrees.

Although there are settings that go above 140 degrees, these temperatures are meant for temporary use that the tank is not designed to maintain. Keeping high temperatures can result in scolding of the skin and higher utility bills.

Depending on how high the water pressure is, keeping high temperatures may cause the relief valve to open leading to water damage or injury.

Does your hot water have a strange odor?

Water is naturally agressive and corrosive. To prevent corrosion inside the water tank, manufacturers install a magnesium anode rod inside the tank. This rod is a softer metal than the tank and naturally, water erodes the rod first. Sometimes these rods can fail and cause a stinky odor inside your home. Replacing this rod can eliminate this odor as well as extend the life of your hot water heater.

Why does my pilot keep going out?

Are you having to relight your water heater more and more frequent? It may need a good maintenance. Water heaters typically go years without attention. But, like ever gas fired appliance it needs maintained to make sure it’s 100% safe and efficient.

Rheem water heater maintenance kit

Most manufactures recommend replacing the entire burner assembly for maintenance. Dirt from combstion process and lack of air could be causing intermittent issues. We recommend replacing this assembly every 6 years as well as cleaning the compartment out.

Why does my relief valve leak water periodically?

If you have to keep a bucket by the relief valve, your hot water setting may be to high. As water heats up it expands inside the tank causing pressure to increase. If your incoming water pressure is high, this may cause a problem. There are a couple solutions. One thing you can do is try setting the temperature down. The other option is installing a thermal expansion tank. This tank has a internal bladder that will compensate for increased pressure from hot water.

Do I need to flush my water heater?

Flushing the hot water heater tank removes any sediment and helps keep it working efficiently. Depending on the age of the water heater and maintenance records, it may be a good idea. Older water heaters that make a percolate sound when heating may be full of sediment and should not be flushed but replaced. Flushing these older units may lead to leaks or expose other leaks in the tank.

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