Feb 12, 2019

Common myths about your Heating and Cooling system that cost you money.

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You’ve probably been told…

Close vents in rooms you’re not occupying

False: It almost feels like common sense to close the vents to rooms you don’t need air conditioned, but your furnace distributes air equally throughout your home no matter what (it needs to breathe). Closing the vents to unused rooms only makes your heating and cooling system work harder and less efficiently— keep them open to keep air flowing freely.

Setting your thermostat back when you’re not home saves you money.

FALSE: Studies have shown setting your thermostat back more than 6 degrees doesn’t save money. When your HVAC system starts back up it has to work harder and longer to bring your home back up to temperature.

 It’s normal to have cold feet.

False. Having cold floors in the winter means your home isn’t well-insulated. Check the sealing around doors and windows, crawlspace, or hire a professional to properly seal your home so you can walk around more comfortably.

  Run your system into the ground.

False. Replacing a heating and cooling system may seem expensive up front, but creating a franken-furnace could leave you stranded on the coldest day all while costing you more money to operate.

Maintenance isn’t madatory.

False. Don’t let small problems turn into larger bills. If you don’t schedule maintenance for you heating or cooling system, it will eventually schedule it for you. A dirty HVAC system uses more energy, operates less efficiently, and shortens the lifespan of the equipment.

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Changing your filter isn’t a big deal.

FACT: Not changing your air filter affects both your heating and cooling system. Restricting airflow causes your equipment to work harder and longer. A clogged filter can cause a furnace to over heat or a cooling system to freeze up, both further damaging the unit and shortening the overall lifespan of your system.

Buy cheaper it’s all the same.

FALSE. All brands are not created equal and the cheapest price is never the lowest cost. HVAC systems are the only house hold appliance where the manufacturing process is finished inside the home. Using quality materials and textbook installation techniques will make sure you’re getting the reliability and efficiency you pay for.

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